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Why Is Design Important for Business?
crucial to a
business’ identity

Graphic design is crucial to a business’ identity. It conveys in the blink of an eye who and what you are. It is creative, tactical and memorable. When done right, graphic design causes wide ripple effects that complement your overall marketing and advertising strategies — often to the tune of larger profits.

Why exactly is graphic design important for your business? See for yourself.

Graphic Design
Can Drive Sales

The visual messaging you produce can entice, engage and encourage people to buy from you — time and time again.

This is true for several reasons. First, the visual impact of a unique and professional logo or branded iconography can instantly stick even in a passive viewer’s mind. Phenomena like logo recall and brand association start as young as 3 years old. Simple visual messaging hacks activate parts of the brain from the amygdala to the sensory cortex, triggering an emotional reaction and a sense-driven experience, respectively.

It’s a powerful chain reaction. Once an individual establishes a stimulated, emotional connection to something as simple as seeing an app icon, their sense of self begins to change. They identify with that logo and will return to it accordingly.

Consider some other revealing statistics about the relationship between good graphic design, brand visibility, recall and sales:

  • Consumers take only about 50 milliseconds to form an impression about a visual message.
  • When rating the trust and likeability of sample websites, studies have found that participant opinions are based over 90 percent of the time on design, not on content, products or services.
Graphic Design Can
Increase Profits

You’ve caught their eye. You’ve made an excellent first impression. That first impression sticks in their memory. Over time, this brand-recall relationship puts you top-of-mind when it comes to making a purchasing decision in your industry.

Studies have found that for every 1kr invested in graphic design collateral, a brand will earn back around 3kr in net operating profit and nearly 15kr in net turnover. These numbers compound over time, with that 3kr to 15kr adding up to some serious gross profit — profit you just wouldn’t have.


Graphic design grounds complex and often abstract marketing ideas into something simple and visual.

The effects of this are tangible. Rather than hitting clients or customers over the head with facts, long paragraphs of marketing information or even some catchy but worded slogan, graphic design collateral like a logo, animation or app icon relay the very same messages but in a fraction of the time. 

Remember, sometimes you have as little as 50 milliseconds to do so. And they do this by incorporating memory stimulating and emotionally connective design elements like colors, shapes, negative space and animations. A text or voice-based marketing campaign alone cannot do that.

Still need more convincing about how graphic design both complements and improves current marketing initiatives?

  • Half of consumers say the majority of current brand messages, like ads, come across as irrelevant.
  • Over 75 percent of polled marketing professionals say branding is key to their marketing campaigns. Around 34 percent of those said the number one goal of their marketing campaigns is new customer acquisition.
  • Branded, unique color schemes increase brand recognition by 80 percent.


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