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Corporate identity – Why you should take it seriously?

All companies have their own value proposition – the unique reason for their existence – which is why customers should take their business there. While you’re busy running your business, you probably don’t have time to spell out what yours is. However, a company logo and marketing program aren’t enough. Your value proposition needs to be loud and clear.

Your company cannot stand on low prices or wide selection alone. It doesn’t matter if you have unique services or the best services. Your value proposition needs to be clear, as prominent as your logo.

After developing your company logo, your value proposition and your general corporate brand, you need to make sure all aspects of your business translate to all media, especially on the internet.

Going online doesn’t mean you need to water down your message. With proper planning, the integrity of your logo design, your brand and your value proposition can come across even stronger on the World Wide Web than on paper.

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the internet

Just like opening a shop on the corner, opening a Web site for e-commerce doesn’t necessarily mean people will show up. A bricks-and-mortar business uses its geographical location along with recognition of their company logo as an advantage against their competitors.

The benefit of the internet is that you don’t have to pay for expensive real estate. But you need to be at the major intersections of search engines and the popular interest. The way you do this is through your brand, value proposition and other factors.

Your e-presence depends on how people talk about you and return on a regular basis. Developing your e-presence is about more than good Web site design and a good-looking logo, although those are important aspects. Your credibility depends on company logo recognition and cultural recognition of your brand.

Once you have a strong logo design and an established brand, you need to think about added these elements to your site:

  • Sophisticated, exciting design: Make sure your site looks professionally designed. It should include an easy-to-navigate layout, clean graphics and a consistent theme and look across all pages on your site. Think about how your site reflects the image you want to come across about your business. The aspects of logo design, colors and style should reflect your theme throughout.
  • A company logo that represents your business: Make sure your site displays your logo prominently on all pages. Use the logo and other features to enhance the experience your user had.
  • Easy navigation: Customers should have access to any page from one or two clicks from the home page. You can use menus, site maps and shortcuts to attain this.


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